The Windows Home Server makes a computer in the home network to the home server for media files and data of any kind. It also provides a central place to store backups & Co. The Home Server presents itself pleasing clearly structured and takes necessary adjustments largely independently. After installation is complete - this is a hard drive with at least 65 GB free space is required by the way - is it the new server easily without a keyboard, mouse and monitor into a corner. A network connection is all that it takes. The complete management and maintenance it performs via remote console from any PC in the home network. However, this requires the installation of the Home Connector CD, the download link is also found in the download area. The software prepares the client computer from the home network to connect to the server and sets up necessary connections, users, and on top of that also equal to a regular data backup one - handy! Whether you're all downloads and other data stores continue directly on the server, or use it only as a backup center, does not matter. Optimal use is the Windows Home Server when stores all data that is synchronized usually by hand or carried back and forth on the central store. Also access via the Internet from outside can be set up. The current version can be tested free of charge 30 days. To do this you simply skips during installation to enter the serial number, the test phase begins to run automatically. Important: A subsequent upgrade to the full version is not possible, but data on the hard disk are of course maintained.

Limitations of Windows Home Server V2 with Power Pack 3

Runs for 30 days