Of the Isak's document management download provides a number of useful features for managing and editing documents. The freeware handles both files to disk as well as printed paper.

Isak's document management download for archiving documents

For the latter, Isak document management holding provides a built-in OCR. Thanks to this tool, the freeware converts scanned documents directly to text files for further processing. Who has stored on its hard drive a lot of documents, taking them on with the document manager in a so-called index. This virtual table of contents helps in the search of Isak's document management to present faster results.

In addition, it supports the search speed by assigning keywords. the functions of the freeware are complemented by a converter that converts files to PDF and an interface to the mail program Outlook.

Isak's document management download

Limitations of Isak - Document Management

Free for domestic use and on single-user computers.