With Power Lame a powerful tool for editing audio files coming to the PC. The freeware rip not only audio CDs, but only becomes useful when tagging pieces of music. In collaboration with the popular LAME Encoder Power Lame also converts WAV, WMA or Ogg Vorbis files to MP3. The ID3 tag applies the freeware from the internet connection to the FreeDB. Who wants to adapt the file-information manually, you can also do this with Power Lame. In addition, Power Lame also acts as a player, who even displays the album cover or investigated and also create playlists and managed. Renaming of the music takes over the freeware as well as finding duplicate files. The Ripper Power Lame equips audio fans with a number of powerful tools. So choosing either from a list of various grades or sets the bit rate to "variable" on. In addition, the freeware normalized to request the individual pieces of an album, which means that equalizes the volume.