The GS aircraft photos manage the product name says it all: It manages all recordings, providing them with useful meta-information and sorts them also. For each aircraft lovers there is a wonderful addition to the photo collection.

The GS airplane image management download for more order in the photo collection

Of the Download GS aircraft photos Management is quick and easy and just fix the software is installed. This unique program brings users now more overview and structure in his aircraft photos collection, which he has collected over the years away. Because with the tool he can so some add the photos of information and descriptions.

GS airplane image management download

Clear layout and easy operation

The operation is very simple: the user can import individual images or entire folders identical to the program. There they are then clearly displayed individually or him in a picture overview of 12 images. Click on each photo, users can directly look at the information that is left of the photo throw. The layout helps not to lose track: coarse textured and with many, but not confusing data fields, the tool breaks everything worth knowing. For this reason, both computer professionals and beginners get along well with this program Images dogs: Compared to other image editing software for free download it is in fact very easy to use.

All functions and features of the GS aircraft photos Management

After the images have been imported into the program, the user has different data fields, he must feed them with information. In addition to the numerous pre-data fields, there are four that the user can create specially. It is particularly helpful in the Autocomplete these data fields. Furthermore, the user's internal browser can then

  • aircraft Registration
  • type of aircraft
  • Coordinates of the aircraft locationsearch. All this information is later in various formats printable: Either, the collector prints them in list, table, or form format. This is especially nice if he would like to compare the data of different aircraft together.

GS airplane image management download Plane

The tool for collectors and aviation friends With a download of GS airplane image management is a beautiful picture editing tool that helps collectors going to list all the useful information on the different machines clearly and always well structured hand. In addition, there is a nice, handy program that is easy to use and for this reason will delight not only aircraft mechanics and pilots, but also travel, machine and airplane enthusiasts.