Of the Base Camp Download assist in the planning of outdoor tours. The freeware created waypoints and routes in topographic maps. Maps, waypoints, routes and tracks can be comfortable on desktop PC edit and transmitted to GPS devices.

Base Camp Download with geotagging feature

The geotagging feature of Basecamp has to own tours photos. To do this, save the images to a tour easily in a folder and assigns this folder to the recorded track of the tour. Base Camp automatically locates the images along the tracks. Various activity profiles are available in Base Camp. The height differences can be displayed on the tour maps and edited. The cards and entered routes can be viewed from any angle. To transfer raster maps on GPS devices, the user selects any section.

Basecamp helps to optimize the preparation of leisure activities. The freeware hikers and bikers are preparing their tours together with waypoints on the computer before and take it after the GPS device along for the ride. The tours can advance through the demo mode and adjust so already optimally to the road ahead.

Base Camp Download