TAL-Vocoder brings robotic effect & Co. in the production studio. The free VST plugin converts audio signals into a robot voice or sound can rhythms metallic. A vocoder superimposed two audio signals with each other and thus generates, for example, the voice from the power plant Song "We are the robots", TAL vocoder is performed with 11-band equalizer, brings internal synthesizers having different waveforms as a carrier with and also allows the grinding of an audio signal as an external carrier. In addition to improved harmonies at your fingertips and spices up the sound on an integrated Chorus. With Deluxe solutions such as NI Vokator the boy can not keep up certainly. For scores TAL vocoder simple handling on a clear surface, a manageable resource starvation and cool sound of RoboVox to harmonic Beatz. In short: TAL-Vocoder is fun and free. Access.

Limitations of TAL-Vocoder

Donationware: Full functionality for free, the author, however, is pleased to receive a donation.