who is a Create Logo wants developing the best Logo Maker Download as specialists for creative logo designs. The software is suitable for this application due to the simple operation and numerous templates that optimal. Try now!

Create your own logo in a few steps

It does not always have Illustrator to design a logo an expensive professional tool like Adobe. The logo maker specializing in creating logos and as a shareware program even inexperienced amateur graphic designers the ability to create professional emblems, logos, icons and graphics of all kinds in only a few steps. The logo makers is to have the full version for just under 30 euros. Those who want to try the software for free, uses the 15-day trial period in which all important functions are already available.

Create LogoLogo create more than 3,000 free editable templates.

More than 3,000 editable templates and 6000 graphic elements

Logo Maker contains more than 3,000 free editable templates and 6000 graphic shapes and objects for your own designs. In the current version are available 200 templates for animated logos and over 100 Animierungs effects. Particularly successful are the 3D effects for exceptional logos in three-dimensional look. The own designs can be provided with interesting effects, such as reflections, metallic glow, shadow, or creative text forms. With the vector-based Shape editor of creative users changed forms and elements to the smallest detail. Exported as PDF, JPG, TIF or any other graphics format. The own creations can also publish directly from the social network through an interface to Facebook.

The logo templates are sorted by industries and topics

Who would like to start with no learning curve by creating their own logos and design elements, has met with the logo maker the right choice. The handling and design tools are seen through quickly thanks to the clearly arranged interface and also access to the selection of design templates is done fairly straightforward. All templates are grouped by sectors and themes, so that the user quickly and easily find the right template for its new logo.

create logo logoOptionally, the standard sizes or custom size can be selected.

Create your own logo with the comfortable Logo Editor

Those who want to create a custom logo, click the logo editor first on New logo and gives the file name and path. In size from the standard sizes or custom size can be selected. Other settings affect the color and pattern of the work surface. Bottom view and templates all Logo templates are available, according to the individual topics. Individual elements can be inserted with the object bar on the right side of the screen. Again, there is a good selection ranging from abstract and alphabet to wilderness and walls. Have fun in designing their own logos!