The Stories Instagram has already landed a major coup for Android. Many users post short videos be deleted after 24 hours even daily. But not everyone is a fan of this function - and perhaps you also want one of their own Delete Instagram Stories. And that is indeed possible.

Delete Instagram StoriesIt is quite possible to delete your own story or off for certain people.

Delete Instagram Stories - Here's how

It can even happen so that one has even published a story and now wants to wait less than 24 hours until it is deleted. Instagram Stories delete - this possibility is the network for its users even before the actual running time:1. You open to your own story by tapping the profile picture above. Our own current story is always the first on the left.2. At the bottom right are three small points. If you tap on this, a pop-up will appear with the options delete, share As a contribution ..., store video and settings for stories.3. tap on Delete to liquidate the Story video before the end of the 24 hours.

hide own story before users

Now there are in the settings for stories will also be able to hide the videos from certain users, so that they they do not even get to see:1. tap on your own story on the three dots and opens the pop-up menu.2. Select settings for stories.3. Tapped then conceal x persons under story before appropriate user selects. These get Your Stories no longer be seen.Downstairs is the stories the way, even a button that displays the current number of spectators and one can also view who, the story has been viewed.

Instagram Stories delete block user storiesIn addition, stories other users can be disabled so that they are no longer gets displayed.

Hide stories other users

An additional tip leads in the other direction: A few users who annoy with their stories, either because they import constantly new content or their videos are easily bored and boring and uneventful, probably everyone has his followers list. But the stories of these users can be hidden. This does delete the contact not directly - it may well be finally that one whose normal Instagram pictures like look at - but only prevents the stories appear in the timeline. And it works quite fix:1. Find the contact whose stories want to hide your, in the bar at the top stories.2. Tapped long on its image.3. Now a small pop-up where you can choose whether you look at you the profile of the user or want to turn off his Stories opens.The user whose stories have disabled, only appears dimmed at the end of your story timeline. Whose videos will not play automatically. Do you want to watch one of his videos you yet, you can do that by simply tapping the profile picture in the stories Bar yet.In a thing but we have to disappoint you: it is not (yet) possible to disable the Story feature in Instagram complete. Should not change anything, but we will report it.