In Moorhuhn Kart probably the best known poultry the game world mounts a sports car and makes racing circuits around the world insecure. However, zipping in circles without counterparty is not an exciting challenge. That's why friends do from different editions of the legendary shooter the egg-laying racer company or competition. Overall, Moorhuhn Kart varied courses and different modes to choose from. Who successfully completed this bet driving, can publish to a Leaderboard your score online. Moreover, particularly strong driver-so-called phantom karts are available for download. This originally human opponent then replace the virtual supplied counterparties. In the download area, there are still versions Moorhuhn Kart 2 Moorhuhn Kart and 3. These come with revamped visuals, more opponents and a number of gimmicks for collection of the track.

Limitations of Moorhuhn Kart

The demo versions offer only selected tracks and racing modes.