Who needs time on the smartphone a break from friend's messages and therefore in Check out Facebook Messenger wants vain for a logout. Turn off Now the client anyway!

Facebook has outsourced the chat function from its app. So who wants to chat on the go via smartphone with Facebook friends, requires downloading the Facebook Messenger app. Even the pressure of having to use another app that came with many users not so good. In addition, it lacks the app to something else essential: a Log Off button.

Check out Facebook Messenger

Check out the Facebook Messenger? Logout missing!

Facebook has "forgotten" in developing his Messengers one important thing: the user has no way to log off from the client - at least that's when the Android version that way. The have consequences that could burp bitter at one or another user. First, the user is informed at every Mitt division and each call. Depending on what he has set a tone sounds, vibrate the smartphone or dive a push notification to. This can be quite a burden. In addition, the Facebook Messenger in the background continues to work consistently.

Facebook Messenger unsubscribe no logout-button

Android: Check out a trick when Messenger

Android users who want to log out in Facebook Messenger, can help you with a little trick.

  • The user navigates to manage the settings of its smartphones to apps. For some phones the option is referred to as App Manager or Application Manager.
  • There, all apps are listed. The user is looking for the entry of Facebook Messenger and then selects it.
  • Now there are two ways to run a "Sign Out":
    • (1) The user clicks in the entry on "Stop forcing". So you can avoid working in the background. Also push notifications to set it. This applies until the user starts the app again.
    • (2) Another way to "delete data" to click. With this method, the credentials are cleared, so to speak, which strictly speaking is equivalent to a logout.
  • No matter which option you choose to log out in Facebook Messenger, you still have to confirm at the end with "OK".

Facebook Messenger unsubscribe force stop

log on iOS devices

Compared to the Android version, Facebook has been retrofitted to users of the iPhone and iPad. Here it is not necessary to use a trick, because the logout function has already been introduced. Thus, the iOS user can unsubscribe the messenger as follows:

  • click in the Facebook Messenger app on the menu
  • At the lowest point there is the entry Sign Out
  • Simply tap on it and confirm once again - ready!