Of the Hotspot Shield for Firefox offers anonymous, safe and barrier-free surfing with the Mozilla browser. Who moves on the Internet, leaves with almost every visiting a website or downloading files tracks the net. Those who do not want to let go the transparent people, uses a VPN - Virtual Private Network - to anonymize his surfing behavior. However, these virtual private networks have one big disadvantage: they are very slow. however, fast and yet anonymous surfing promises the add-on of the California software company AnchorFree. The company has brought with Hotspot Shield one of anonymization software most commonly used on the market. With the add-on use of such a network will be more comfortable.

Hotspot Shield for Firefox

Hotspot Shield for Firefox sets the pace

Hotspot Shield for Firefox promises high bandwidth and fast browsing experience, despite VPN. The service also offers the ability to access four different virtual locations. User can choose between the US, Canada, France or the Netherlands. If the connection but even lame, one simply uses another location. So can easily download files or videos are played back. In addition, the add-on offers all the benefits of a VPN client. This includes:

anonymous surfing

Who does not want that his surfing behavior is logged and analyzed, should conceal his IP address. This address works much like a postal address: Each device is given a number to pointed and can be identified by this unique. This poses two disadvantages: firstly provider of websites can create personal profiles through the pages viewed, on the other hand can be "tapped" sensitive data. Against both disadvantages the use of Hotspot Shield protects.

Access to locked pages

Another advantage of Hotspot Shield for Firefox, that pages can be called to the normally inaccessible from Germany. This allows, for example, access to YouTube videos that are in this country blocked it on copyright grounds. Who wants to watch the latest hit series, can view the current seasons of his favorites, among others on the US side of Netflix. Apart from the increased entertainment value has this bypass blocked sites in countries where freedom of expression is a foreign word, a much more important function. Only in this way can be accessed certain sites and thus to independent information.