Of the Christmas Theme Download contains a beautiful collection of 20 stylish Christmas images. These are excellent for WhatsApp Christmas greetings, festive emails, Christmas cards, Christmas greetings Facebook or as wallpaper for the Christmas Windows desktop.

Christmas themes download for WhatsApp Christmas greetings Facebook

Those looking for Christmas motifs to download and want to continue editing, known to be careful that he does not use license-protected Christmas images. An excellent source of images of all kinds that are used freely and may be edited by the user himself, is pixabay. There are countless more or less tasteful Christmas themes available for download that have been uploaded by other users there.

Christmas Theme DownloadChristmas Theme Download: Beautiful collection of 20 atmospheric Christmas images

Christmas image collection with 20 very beautiful motifs

One of the most active members pixabay is the user geralt alias Gerd Altmann from Freiburg. He has already recruited more than 12,000 subjects in pixabay. Especially for Christmas themes he seems to have a particular fondness. We selected 20 of the most beautiful motifs from his Christmas picture collection and make them available here bundled in a zip file.

The images may be freely copied, altered, distributed and used also for commercial purposes. According to the guidelines of pixabay the user does not even ask for permission or provide a picture credits.

Christmas Theme free downloadAll Christmas images can be used freely and processed.

Christmas motifs in JPG format with a uniform width of 1920 pixels

All images in the Christmas motifs download collection are standard JPG format and have a uniform width of 1920 pixels. Those who want to use the images as your desktop wallpaper, it therefore does not have to convert before. The quality is quite sufficient to use as a new wallpaper. Depending on its own resolution and screen size, it may be that the Christmas motifs are slightly compressed, but this is hardly noticeable.

Christmas Theme Download JPGChristmas motifs in JPG format with a width of 1920 pixels

More Christmas images to download and Festive for reading and reciting

We have many more programs for families and Christmas tuned user in our software catalog, including more Christmas images for download, Christmas carols as a PDF, a Christmas collection of sayings, a Christmas poems PDF, Christmas greetings to download and Christmas cards to send. Festive for reading and reciting there in the Christmas story collection, the collection of Christmas stories, Christmas stories to download and biblical Christmas story as a PDF.