Legal or not legal, that is the question here? You suspect that your Windows license rather than "genuine" (Authentic) is classified? Then check it. Microsoft is providing a free tool available.

Windows 8 checks license key

nowadays no longer so easy pirates there. Windows 7 needs to be activated after a fairly long time. Tens late here unauthorized copies fly. But not always be to blame for the plight of the wrong license. In some cases, it simply sellers of complete PCs taken not as accurate with the licensing. In order to solve such cases of doubt, the upcoming Windows 8 will bring a central licensing center. In it you can see a status of licensing and activation of Windows and other Microsoft programs. However, one must not wait for Windows 8 to use this feature. Microsoft is already a license checker ready with which one also checks in addition to the license status of Windows 7 to Microsoft Office.

MGADIAG shows license key status today

  • Download MGADIAG (Download below) and run the EXE file. MGADIAG

  • click on Continue. MGADIAG take a few seconds to collect the information.

  • If your copy of Windows has been classified as genuine, appears under the tab Windows Behind "ValidationStatus" "Genuine", The license status of Office find out by clicking on the tab Office

Change Windows license key and read

While MGADIAG only displays the activation status of Windows Keyfinder go one step further. Read Key Finder next to the Windows registry number, the license keys of other programs.

  • Read more: read keyfinder Serial from Have you bought a new Windows 7 license At length and migrating to the new serial number without reinstalling? Then the following tip for you could be of interest. There, the key change for Windows XP is described.

  • More info: Change Windows Key