Creak and creak and cooing, the environment often leaves in sound recordings disturbing noises that only afterwards noticed in post-production. But there are ways and means to Audacity to remove the noise. We declare exhibited works!

Remove in seven steps with Audacity noise

Audacity is one of the most famous and best free recording studios in the market. Here you can download the latest version of Audacity for free. The software not only music can re-mix, or add sound effects, but also do their own recordings. With relatively little effort, you can edit audio broadcast quality and subsequently remove noise. How it works exactly is explained in this tutorial.

  1. First, the audio file to be processed is imported into the program. For this, the user can access different paths. Just in the top menu bar on the tab file click and a new drop-down menu opens. Past the point Open you can already select existing files through the File Manager and load isn program. Past the point Import Audio can be introduced as well.remove noise Audacity

  2. Then one Noise profile created. To do this, select a location containing the pure noise. To enable the tool to mark a location, click on the appropriate icon in the upper toolbox.Audacity remove noise tool for marking

  3. is marked the place with the noise by clicking the left mouse button in the audio track, and pulls the mouse button pressed from right to left or from left to right - until the desired location is fully marked. To check whether you have made the right place, you can preview the selected area with the space bar.Audacity remove noise marked section

  4. Next, you mark the complete recording by pressing CTRL + ARemove Audacity noise all marked

  5. Then select from the Effects tab in the top menu bar. You will see a new drop-down menu with a large number of editing tools, including the noise removal, approximately in the middle of the list.Audacity remove noise effects

  6. Tip: Distortions be reduced by increasing the response time / cooldown. With the frequency smoothing to reduce unwanted blades. Before you save the changes, it is advisable to check the results by using the pre-listening function. Best results are obtained with a moderate reduction. Click on the OK button, the function is started Audacity remove noise.Audacity remove noise fine adjustments

  7. To save the edited file is clicked again in the top menu bar on the tab file. If you want to edit the file at a later time, choosing from the drop-down menu, Save project out. If the sound fix- and send finished, one selects the point Audio Export and can take place anywhere on the hard drive in various formats that work on the file manager then.Audacity remove noise Save