Grouse Treasure Hunter

When grouse Schatzjäger the iconic poultry conquered the traditional genre platformer game. By keyboard control with the arrow keys, the player navigates the grouse through a colorful jungle landscape. Target of grouse treasure hunters is to bring the legendary sacred amulet thingy in his possession. Easier said than done, as it covers the jungle chicken not only tricky rocks in the way, but also bad-tempered Goriallas. Also of fierce crocodiles should take at grouse hunters treasure as far as possible in eight. Grouse Treasure Hunter does not reinvent the platforming new, but offers thanks funny graphics and sounds, as well as successful animation a lot of fun for young and old. we have part two of this game under the title grouse Treasure Hunter 2 also for download.

Limitations of grouse Treasure Hunter

The demo version contains three levels, of the 21 levels of the full version.