Of the Image parts cropping Download allows users to cut out individual people or objects in photos Precise. The minimalist software provides a reduced functionality compared to other programs for image editing and not confused by the use of layers and masks.

Precise images cutting with parts of the image cropping download

If the imaging software downloaded, it can be 8 installed on the operating systems Windows XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, Vista and Windows 7, and Windows. Since the program only works with one level and dispense with the rich feature set of commercially available image software, hardly demands on the hardware of the machine are provided. Accordingly reduced is the user interface, inspired in its look to older Microsoft Explorer versions.

Image parts cropping Download

The software is designed in navigation on the use of a computer mouse and only suitable for use with touch screen or graphic tablet.

Image cropping parts with precise cuts

Most programs offer exemption options that depend on the content of the image. Not so with the software from CAD-KAS. The manufacturer of the software come from the field of technical drawing in which the predictable accuracy is paramount. Against this background, the operation of the parts of the image cropping Downloads arose. The little getting used to handling offers users several approaches. The point from which the selection of the pixel starts, is displayed as a circle and set the arrow tool in any position of the photo. a line starts from the center of the circle, which indicates the current cutting direction. If you have already set the cut, the selection made is highlighted with a line. The colors of the circle and the lines are individually adjustable, ensuring good visibility on all screen backgrounds.

Limited image editing functions by little

In the scissors instrument, the cutting direction is one degree determined by the scroll wheel of the mouse or information in the relevant field. In addition, the cut length is specified. By clicking the left mouse button the gap gradually departs from the specified line. In the line mode, clicked on the pixels are connected by a straight, resulting in geometric patterns. In the hands-free adjustment of the cutting movement of the mouse over the picture follows. If the selection is complete, the user between the cut-pixel and the image newly created open space selected.

Image parts cropping Download result

The cut above options only result in non-geometric objects to an approximation to the desired pixel. For best results, the transparent brush is used, which acts like an eraser. Already deleted pixels are restored using the right mouse button. The results are stored as transparent PNG files. Photo software engineering approach Although the parts of the image cropping download served its purpose, but it turns out a little counter-intuitive to use. With practice, the image processing results in considerable results. The program does not provide any additional functions and thereby take enough memory to complete.

indemnify limitations of image parts

The trial version is limited to 32 program starts. In addition, the Save function is disabled and the images are repeatedly provided with a demo Note.