RIOT compressed images without loss of quality. The name of the freeware is an abbreviation for Radical Image Optimization Tool and describes the program function.

File sizes reduce the RIOT Download

The free helper should reduce the file size of JPEG, PNG and GIF images as possible with no visible loss of quality. In the main view RIOT offers before a preview window for the comparison between images and after compression with the tool. As raw formats RIOT supports all popular digital photo formats.

Optimized images stores the freeware either as JPG, PNG or GIF. Per slide rule to optimize when needed RIOT color, transparency or contrast. The expected file size indicates RIOT to above the preview image. Anyone who wants to can, out automatically optimize the image compressor graphics on a target file size.

A batch mode completes the photo specialists. RIOT evaporated the file size of images without a significant loss of quality. The freeware works quickly and provides high quality images with low file size. Because of its good compression algorithms use other image editors such as XnView, IrfanView and GIMP the RIOT DLL also. Many other image editing tools for free download includes our comprehensive software offering.


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