O&O; Partition Manager Professional is no longer offered by the manufacturer, as a WindowsPE Boot CD is required for its use, the O&O; may no longer be marketed. Alternatively, EaseUS Partition Manager Home Edition can be used to Disk Management. O&O; Partition Manager Professional starts then on to work where the Windows Disk Management ceases. By shrinking or expanding existing partitions to more complex tasks for managing disks nothing to be desired.

Limits of Windows Disk Management

If the hard drive once partitioned, it requires a special tool to change the drives and their size. With the built-in Windows Disk Management that is possible without further ado, but has two major drawbacks. For one, it necessarily lead to data loss and secondly, it requires on the system partition even reinstall the operating system. In addition, have been exhausted sehrt quickly despite Expansion Disk Management for Windows XP, the possibilities. So with the supplied disk management such as the move partitions within the disk, deleting or converting a primary partition to a logical drive not feasible. Exactly at this point is linked to the manager of O&O; at.

O & O Partition Manager Professional Download

Special tasks with the O&O; cope Partition Manager Professional Download

the O&O; Partition Manager Professional Download saves the user the unpleasant circumstance of data loss and ensures full control of drive partitions and data. Partitions can fully reduced, enlarged, moved, or deleted. In addition, the partition pro transformed on request ** logical partitions in primary - and vice versa **. Thus, for example, on a drive that was previously used only for data, install a second operating system. Also on board are the Defragmentation and optimization technologies O&O-tools; SafeErase for secure deletion of data and O&O; Defrag to defragment along with acceleration of read and write operations. When deleting partitions the user is moreover able to between six different security levels to choose - from the highest level of security through to write zeros. In addition, the partition Juggler brings his own CD With. Selbige starts the PC without Windows installed and allows you to work with the manager. The following file systems are supported:

  • FAT
  • FAT32
  • NTFSAs a small gimmick PM Pro brings also a SMART module with, the detailed Information about the physical state the hard disk is. Thus, the user experiences at an early stage, when the disk is suffering from increasing defects and can save personal data before the hard disk fails in service. Who wants to supervise the operations on its hard disk and in his system in depth and optimize can also browse the wide range of system utilities programs for free download.

O & O Partition Manager Professional Download Operation

Somewhat cumbersome interface Operation

The user interface clearly shows analogies to the Disk Management of Windows and the Explorer, which benefits the user at first glance. On closer inspection, however, weaknesses thus become clear. Thus, the resizing of the partitions can be, for example, not conveniently controlled with an illustrative representation. The user must enter specific values ​​instead. This is especially problematic when you want to move a partition and is under pressure to set an initial value. So the partition manager assumes that the user knows exactly what he wants and how to achieve that. Advanced Disk Management with small weaknesses With the O&O; Partition Manager Professional Download available to the user in comparison to Windows Disk Management more features available. So to manage, create and delete partitions is more comfortable and more flexible. Nevertheless, this program has reached its limits. So you miss useful functions, for example, allow the pooling or the recovery partition. The selection of supported data systems could be slightly larger.