Steam Skins: courage for more color!

With the right Steam Skins enables you to change the appearance of the distribution platform for games. Find out now how to do it and show your colors!

Steam from Valve Manufacturer is now very well known and popular not only among PC gamers. On Steam is an online platform that also has a client purchased online with the games downloaded directly and then can be played immediately. Click here for free download on Steam.

A popular are the special sales that provides steam at regular intervals. So it is possible to buy in a short time a lot of games at low prices. The client of Steam is in dark gray, blue and black colors. Who these subtle and rather gloomy look not like that can bring more color into play using a variety Steam skins.

Steam Skins: Changing the appearance of the client

In the old days of steam, it was still possible to change the colors of the client independently. This is now no longer the case, and therefore many users are content with the color black. Some users, however, have developed special Steam skins with which it is possible to give the client a completely new look. These skins can be downloaded free of charge, as a rule, and are then easy to install. This guide explains in detail how new Steam can be installed skins.

Steam Skins

The demands of Steam

the gaming platform Steam on all computers that use Windows, Mac OS or Linux can be installed. It should only be taken to ensure that the versions are up to date (for example, Windows Vista, 7 and 8 or Mac OS 10.6.3 or later). Linux users should use the distribution Ubuntu installed. In addition, the computer must be equipped with at least 512 MB of memory and a processor with 1 GHz. A fast Internet connection provides additional advantages since so games are downloaded faster. The games that can be bought on Steam users, however, have different system requirements than the client itself normally.

Installing your own skins

To install your own skins, below steps should be followed:

  1. First Skins must be downloaded from the Internet. A good first stop is for example the official Steam forum.

  2. After the user has opted for a skin, the skin needs to be downloaded. The skins are generally packed in a ZIP file and must be unpacked first. The contents of the file must (for Windows) in the directory "C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ Skins" be unpacked. Some archives also contain a folder named "Resources"That should be copied in the directory.

  3. When the copy process is complete, must Steam restart, if currently active runs. Still, the new look is not visible, because of this some small adjustments are still needed.

  4. First, in the menu bar "Steam" and then "settings" selected. After that the user can tab "surface" Click. Approximately in the middle of the window now the new skin using a drop-down menus can be set. A restart of steam is required.