Behind every bar is different types of product information hide in encrypted form. The Barcode Scanner App makes this product information with your phone visible, including prices and reviews.

Barcode Scanner app shows prices

To bar codes and bar codes, bar codes or bar codes mentioned various data are displayed in binary symbols. It is this binary code is read by the bar code scanner app. Then shows the user the underlying information such as pricing or product information. All that the user needs to do this: to scan the bar code with the smartphone camera or the camera of the Android tablets. For free installation, the barcode scanner app is available in our download area.

Barcode Scanner App

Barcode scanner also recognizes QR codes

Not only recognizes the barcode app, but also QR codes. Here is another method to record extensive information about a product in compressed form so that they can be found quickly and automatically and read. The QR code method is considered to be very robust because of the automatic error correction and is therefore widespread.

Barcode Scanner app product info

The special features of the barcode scanner app: you reads the information from the barcodes and QR codes and performs the corresponding action from the same. This means Infected behind the code a URL for an Android app, then the matching entry in the Google Play Store is equal called. Something similar happens in other codes. For products, the software, for example, displays the title and other information such as ISBN.

Barcode Scanner app details

Barcode is automatically focused and scanned

The use of barcode scanner Android is very simple, because the app makes the phone almost to the mobile scanner. After downloading simply activate the app and keep the barcode or QR code in front of the camera so the red marks covering the code in the middle. Then the image is scanned independently and the information associated with the code are displayed. Product information may be extensive Like many other software products in the field of barcode to free download supports barcode scanner app for Android smartphone and Android tablet with built-in camera, a wide range of codes. So not only the bar codes for products can be scanned, but also QR codes and even data matrix code with the app, for example. The app is up and running quickly after download thanks to intuitive operation. As a very practical it proves when scanning QR codes for Android Apps - so the user is made directly to the relevant pages in the Google Play store and saves in this way the time-consuming manual searches. The only problem: The information on other products could be a bit more extensive.