Snapchat account locked - here's help!

Snapchat account locked – here’s help!

Who is surprised that the own Snapchat account blocked is given a guidance below. We show what the Snapchat user can do in this case, to use his Snapchat account back to normal. learn more now!

Snapchat account banned: What can you do?

When your Snapchat account is frozen after Snapchat download, this may have several different reasons. An account can be blocked by Snapchat team, for example, if the user spam, unwanted snaps and dubious messages sent in chat or shows other abusive behavior.

Third-party apps and plug-ins as a leading cause of the account lockout

but block the most common cause for Snapchat account is to use an app from a third party, a plug-in and other extras to access Snapchat Snapchat, or services. When it comes to third-party apps and plug-ins Snapchat is particularly sensitive and understands no fun. These apps and plug-ins are not supported by Snapchat and can restrict the security of their own accounts, according to Snapchat.

Snapchat account blockedWhat to do if the Snapchat account is frozen?

Third-party apps make it possible to store videos and photos permanently

Snapchat refers in this context explicitly to its Terms of Use in order to legitimize the account lockout. Some third-party apps make it possible to store videos and photos permanently. This contradicts Snapchats basic idea is that they can be considered only a limited time and will be deleted afterwards. As a third-party app each external application is considered, the use Snapchat login with your username and password to access Snapchat services. Also plugins or tweaks are frowned upon that offer additional features that are not included in the official Snapchat app.

Adden careful when too many friends!

In addition to spam and third-party apps, there is a third potential reason why the Snapchat account has been temporarily or permanently banned: The Adden too many friends when the user has not yet confirmed his email address or mobile phone number. So if you add a lot of friends in no time, should consider whether he has actually confirmed his cell phone number and email address, before he uses Snapchat continue for now.

cancel Snapchat account termination again

How can the Snapchat users blocking once again pick up? Snapchat itself gives the recommendation to sign a day later again when you get a message that the Snapchat account has been temporarily blocked. If the account has been made, however tightly for a long time, the user can try to unlock it using the login page. Snapchat points out that before any third-party apps, you must uninstall plug-ins and other extras, otherwise the account may be permanently disabled.

Snapchat account locked pickedSnapchat is advisable to register again a day later.