iOS 5 for iPhone 4 & Co. grabs Apple's mobile operating system of the fifth generation on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The iOS 5 Download awaiting compared to the previous version with more than 200 new features. The highlight: The iCloud for easy synchronization of music, videos and data with multiple Apple devices.

The download includes iOS5 iCloud as the new Sync Service

The iOS 5 download already appeared in October 2011. Meanwhile, Apple released the successor to iOS 6 for iPhone 5 & Co. and iOS 7 for iPhone. Most important innovations in the fifth generation of the mobile operating system from Apple were next to the iCloud system-wide Twitter integration, the summary of messages in a message center and to-do lists with time- or location-based reminders. since the mail program supports basic formatting such as bold, italic and underlined with iMessage was added a free news service.

iOS 5 Download

No computer for operating system updates longer necessary

iOS 5 for iPhone 4 & Co. led a Host of new features on. The Notification Center, for example, collects all indications as incoming mail & SMS, calendar entries and reminders in one place. With iMessage a device cross-chat client at the start goes. A Twitter client is also factory on board. IOS 5 is also does not require a PC or Mac more to unlock iPhone and iPad. iOS updates installed option directly on the mobile device in the future. iOS devices are thus no longer dependent on a computer for commissioning and operating system updates.

iOS 5 Download Updates

Apple operating system iOS 5, including voice control

iOS 5 even integrated voice control on the iPhone. One of the most important new features in iOS 5 for iPhone 4 & Co. is certainly the iCloud called Synchronization service for all Apple devices the user. For future stores Apple purchased music and videos centrally on servers free and thus enables a constant global access. The only drawback with this method: Appropriate title must be available at the time of the call even in the Apple iTunes Store.

The software update via iTunes running

The software update to iOS 5 passes necessarily through Apple's iTunes for Windows Media Software in version 10.5 or later. The update to iOS 5 is free for all compatible devices. More features for iGeräte there after the so-called jailbreak, for example with the popular redsnow (redsn0w).

iOS 5 download mails

Even today, not outdated iOS 5 for iPhone 4 & Co. has now also been several years under his belt, but still appears fresh and modern. Who would not want to equip their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with the latest version of the mobile operating system, but only go one level higher, with the iOS 5 Download well advised.