So let delete Skype contacts

Old Skype delete contacts brings order to the contact list. In addition, it is possible with a few clicks. We show that. clean up your contact list now! Skype is the most popular provider of video telephony on the computer, tablet or smartphone. Over time, numerous contacts accumulate with regular use, many of which will eventually no longer needed. Fortunately, you can easily excess Delete Skype contacts.

Anyone can quickly and easily erase his Skype contacts

The Skype download is done not only free and fast, the entire surface of the Messenger software is clearly designed and is easy to use even by inexperienced users. The possibility of unnecessary contacts in Skype to remove, can be implemented by anyone with a few clicks. Delete Skype contacts

The following is needed for organizing contacts

For organizing the Skype contacts only the free software Skype is needed. This is available for computers running Windows, Mac or Linux system, there are also apps for Android and Apple devices as well as Windows Phone.

Deleting contacts in a few steps

Step 1: ** Who wants to erase his Skype contacts, the software first Skype on that device must open. Delete Skype contacts right click ** Step 2 (computer use): If Skype is used on a computer, the deletion of the contacts takes place a few clicks. For this purpose simply to delete contact by right-clicking must (on Mac computers: ctrl + click) are selected. In the menu that then opens, simply click From contacts Remove to remove each user from the contact list. The cancellation must then only in the opening pop-up windows to be confirmed. Delete Skype contacts Confirmation Step 2 (app usage): To delete a contact on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, few actions are also needed. To this end, a finger for a long time must be placed on the display only. Once in the upper left corner of each contact a small X appears, the deletion is possible. To this end, only the X must touch the respective contact and the deletion in the next window to be confirmed. In this way, obsolete or unwanted contacts can remove it from the list.