Sven Bomwollen 2023

Sven Bomwollen

By Sven Bømwøllen Download one of the greatest job on earth is safe. The black-brown Ram romps around in a meadow delights the woolly ladies of his flock. If it is successful, these dissolve sheer bliss into thin air.

Sven Bomwollen Download replaced grouse against sheep

Games manufacturers Phenomedia leaves after his success of four grouse stages a new hero to the game world go: Sven Bømwøllen. Even if the strange-sounding name suggests a Scandinavian fishermen, it is again an animal actor. Sven is a black Ram, nothing else has in principle in mind than to follow its natural instinct and the Sheep ladies to delight.

Unlike its predecessor grouse is after Sven Bomwollen Download so do not mercilessly rumgeballert but made diligent love. A level is considered finished when the plug end in Sven’s sheepskin players satisfied all female sheep on the meadow, and has popped successful. The game job sounds enticing and simple, however, has two hooks. Schäfer Lars nodding and his faithful dog hats Wotan namely who guard their sheep as their eyeball and Sven make life difficult.

Understandably, the two are not particularly keen that their herd shrinks increasingly. As already known from the chicken classic, the player has limited time to indulge his sheep Women, without getting caught. Here the ram remain at least 90 seconds. In the hunt for the poultry in Moorhuhn X the player has, for example, only one minute.

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Sven Bomwollen DownloadSven Bomwollen Download: The Ram delights the woolly ladies of his flock. (Picture: phenomedia publishing gmbh / Editorial)

Challenges and Tools for the sheep Casanova

As in real life Sven can not just start running and each sheep lady who, whenever he wants. The ladies of the sheep world have sometimes more and sometimes less desire and they also show clearly on. Ambles a sheep-lady with a sun symbol above her head in the game around, which means as much as: “. For me, the sun is shining, I’m perfectly happy and do not need you” Small clouds over your head make, however, clear that a little not wrong attention would. For larger thick clouds the urgency is even slightly larger for physical closeness. Come to the clouds but still thunder and lightning to Sven should maintain better safety margin. is rewarded in this game sheep who is particularly good shape. Sven dissolves at a lady firework similar feelings and brings a sheep to burst, one may be a valuable time Bonus looking forward. But beware: If you hold too long at one of the many ladies on heart and can be caught from the shepherd and his dog, is love in the countryside over abruptly and Game over.

Thus the love game in the long run will not be too monotonous, it is increasingly difficult to captivate the ladies for Sven from level to level. In order not eventually runs out at all the stress out of breath, he can come up with here and there potency enhancers puschen. In the grass, for example, herbs or mushrooms that give him new strength hide. Little hint: A Overdose leads to negative effects. Sven is controlled by the way just using the keyboard. It can set individually via the control menu each his favorite keys.

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Sven Bomwollen Download GraphicsSven Bomwollen with lovingly designed graphics (image: phenomedia publishing gmbh / Editorial)

Sheep Game with many loving animations

Even if it actually turns on the sheep’s only about one thing, it is released to players aged 12 years. As with many games of skill for all ages, this can be comfortable with the non-violent, lovingly designed graphics to explain. Incidentally, many of the animations in the game in advance have been drawn by hand. show around 80 different animations that there puts attention to detail. A small jets or smile here and there is therefore not only permitted, but encouraged!

Limitations of Sven Bomwollen

Not all features available.