use unsubscribe in the Play Store & new Google Account!

How can I in Google unsubscribe Play Store and after logging out to use another Google account? To this end, learn more now!

Check out the Google Play Store and sign with an alternative Google Account

Google Play or Google Play Store is a platform from Google, which offers, among other apps, music, e-books and movies. Among the names "Android Market" the App Store on Android devices was available before in March 2012 in "Google Play Store" has been renamed. For the use of the Google Play Store Download a Google account is required.

unsubscribe Play StoreCheck out the Play Store and log in again with another account! (Image: Google / Editorial)

There are several reasons for the Play Store unsubscribe!

If you want to unsubscribe from the Google Play Store, and then log back in again with another login experiencing below how this works! There are many different reasons for using the Google Play Store with an alternate account. For example, several family members use a smartphone or tablet together and want a separate overview of the installed by them and uninstalled apps.

Or they are afraid to lose the overview in Google's App Center, or do not want all the apps used to install and use are explicitly stated. Again, this may be one reason that want to log out users from the Google Play Store and login with other credentials again again.

Add a new Google Account

Google Play Store not a classic logout button is found to log off. Therefore, the user must log off from the Play Store and re-register the account settings to open its Android smartphone or tablet. He chooses there under accounts the menu item Add New Account, and created another Google account if he wants to jump between multiple Google accounts back and forth.

Play Store unsubscribe Create an AccountAdd a new Google Account! (Picture: editorial)

Delete old Google Account

Who wants to delete an old Google account completely from the Play Store, selects accounts > Google that account and sends this via the button Remove account into everlasting digital hunting grounds. Depending on your version of Android menu items and names the Play Store can unsubscribe and delete certainly vary. However, the procedure is similar. For all Android smartphones and tablets, the user opens the settings and navigate to the menu item accounts to log out of Google.

There deposited accounts are to be seen in the overview and the Tip on Google, the user selects the desired Google account. Remove available through the Menu icon, the three points at the top right of the screen or more is the point account. With one tap on the account is deleted.

Play Store logout Delete AccountDelete old Google Account! (Picture: editorial)