All Rodeo Stampede animals and abilities at a glance

All Rodeo Stampede animals and abilities at a glance

These Rodeo Stampede animals there and so you get them! We’ll tell how to unlock the most unusual species and gathered in his zoo! There are all tips & Tricks!

The Rodeo Stampede app download combines a thrilling Endless Runner with a classic build-up play. As Rodeoreiter players must catch with a lasso new species tame, and ship in a flying Zoo. With countless species of animals and loving graphic succeeds crossy road is currently storming the download charts.

Rodeo Stampede animalsRodeo Stampede animals at a glance!

Rodeo Stampede animals in Alphabetical Order

All Rodeo Stampede animals have certain skills and a special behavior when they are angry. And these are all animal species and the respective characteristics at a glance:

  • alligators eat almost all other animals, and when they are angry, and the pixelated cowboy.
  • buffalo can pretty much do everything flat on the third level. If they are not relaxed, they jump, however uncontrollably from left to right.
  • elephants are the all-purpose weapon against virtually any kind of obstacle. Although the Grauhäuter are peaceful natures when they are exhausted, however, face a drop.
  • vulture are almost unbeatable in the air. it irritates them, however, lay down before a Senkflug.
  • giraffes hurling player in the worst case with its neck into the air.
  • gorillas overcome obstacles thanks to its incredible bounce and shatter when landing all the way standing. One should not resent it, otherwise you’ve been dropped.
  • lions are above all: hungry. Accordingly, they eat almost all the animals in the vicinity and, if necessary, their riders.
  • hippos are extremely fast sandpipers. However, they are so that it can not pass the cleverest animals in the world that you end up among them.
  • ostriches are getting faster, the longer they are ridden. They are particularly suitable for the first rodeos.
  • wild boars also increase their speed over time, but buck up now and then.
  • zebras expel from the 2nd Level other animals by their capers. If they are displeased, they jump from left to right and vice versa.
  Tutti gli animali Rodeo Stampede e abilitĂ  a colpo d'occhio

And we come to the Rodeo Stampede animals

To get quickly to new animal species, there are several conditions that are to be fulfilled. Thus, certain animals are activated only if the card has been expanded and the Rodeo area is large enough. For other varieties specific challenges to overcome, such as traveling a certain distance or different species of animals to be ridden without doubling sequentially. The rarer the particular type becomes, the higher the natural challenge. Anyone who wants can then help out via in-app purchase and acquire particularly rare creatures in exchange for money. Another option are the boss fights, which one can dispute after a certain number of filled challenges. Here, too, waving as rewards new species.