Dr. Fone brings seemingly irretrievable data of mobile devices back into the digital life. Data knight in shining armor comes as a specialist for the various Apple Mobile on the computer.

Missing data on iOS devices are not lost

Data will be permanently lost, the mobile phone is damaged, you mistakenly delete contacts, forgets his password or set the phone to factory settings, without thinking of a backup. For these emergencies, there are fortunately programs to restore the files. Among them, the well-trained physician Dr. Apple Fone which concerns the rescue on all iOS generations and models. Even if no previous backup of the stored images, videos, contacts, and whatever else contained the memory card has been created, the software provides the data restored.

Dr. Fone download

Currently, the program may operate on the following devices:

  • iPhone 5S / 5C / 5
  • iPhone 4S / 4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • all iPads (Air / mini / 1/2 / with Retina Display)
  • iPod Touch 5.4

What data after Dr. Fone Download be saved

Who calls newer portable Apples his own, save only a portion of the lost data. Here, the paramedic can only retrieve text content. That Messages, contacts, notes or calendar can be revived. Recently, the program is also able to restore app data such as WhatsApp History. However, pays Dr. Fone download currently rather with older versions of (iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 1, iPod touch 4), since there the rescue of other file formats is possible. So are also a wide variety of media content in these models, among others Pictures, voice notes, app videos and attachments on the recovery agenda. Immediately after connecting and recognizing the device to be tested can start scanning software. The user has the option of starting a "simple" scan to search for his data or to initiate an in-depth scan (checkbox). Tip: Those who opt for the deep scan should bring enough time, since the Depth scan of Dr. Fone take several hours to complete becomes. When the scan is complete, the program shows practically before restoring a preview of the data found. The preview is presented without any problems at all common image formats such as GIF, PNG, JPG and in Office file formats or ZIP and RAR. The one hand, facilitates the search and on the other hand be used as a control for restoring the quality of the files. Unneeded content can be as easy excluded. In order for the rescue program can carry out its work, by the way is an iTunes installation requirement.

Dr. Fone Download Data Preview

Also, iTunes and iCloud backups are taken into account

In addition to his basic training, rescuing lost data on mobile iOS devices, the software comes with a useful additional training. So the program can scour not only iOS devices to data but also recover data from iTunes or iCloud backup. Encrypted security systems, as used in iTunes, do not constitute a barrier to data recovery.

Competent assistant for iOS Data Recovery Actions

All in all, the paramedic for Apple users is an extremely useful tool. It supports all iOS models and may also act on iTunes and iCloud. The intuitive interface and streamlined feature set show here the data recovery is focusing on the essentials. Since Dr. Fone saves selected to restore files on the PC, so can the way be created backups. Although this is not the main task of the tool so takes the same time as the function of other backup utilities. Important note: ** The trial version of the software is only limited use. So the actual ** Data recovery can only with the paid full version be performed. In an emergency, you could proceed therefore as follows: First of all, the Dr. make Fone Download the trial version to check the compatibility of the device. the terminal could be recognized, just search the lost file using the scanning process. If the program is able to find and the data recovery is to be performed, you can now purchase the paid full version.

Limitations of Dr. Fone

The trial version does not allow recovery of data.