Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player gives a variety of multimedia formats and streams like Internet radio and manages music collections. In addition, the freeware player burns audio CDs and transfer music to portable devices. Besides, a server is integrated with which you will stream media files over the network or Internet to other PCs. About designs the user interface is adapted to your needs and can be with various plugins expand the functionality.

Windows Media Player Download

Windows Media Player Download First Start

One of the most practical matters on media player from Microsoft that you can be the Windows Media Player Download can typically save – the player is already built into most Windows versions. Exceptions are made for example with limited corporate administrators systems, or perhaps to the player to upgrade to a newer major version or to make by the Neuaufspielen a non-working installation back on its feet. In the download section, corresponding Major versions for installation on Windows XP and Vista found. When you first start WMP queries for which file types it will automatically take the floor if the media information is automatically collected from the Web and whether licenses for protected content to land without further action on the computer. For all users, who often have to do with protected content, which can be a real practical option.

Audio and video player with an underestimated function and format diversity

The Windows Media Player has many places not too good reputation. This stems in part from previous versions, where you had to deal with various inconveniences such as an uncomfortable long wait when you open the media player, and partly due to the relatively limited format support. As seen below, a decent variety of formats is already played. Here, although other free audio player and video player downloads have certainly ahead, but WMP scores, for example, with support for many playlist formats, and also playback of television recordings of the in-house TV recorder and internet radio.

  • Supported audio formats: MID, RMI, MIDI, M4A, WAV, SND, AU, ON, AIFC, AIFF, WMA, MP2, MP3, ADTS, ADT, AAC, ASF, WM, WMD
  • Supported video formats: MP4, M4V, MP4V, 3GP, 3GPP, 3G2, 3GP2, M2TS, M2T, MTS, TS, TTS, MOV, MPEG, MPG, M1V, M2V, MOD, MPA, MPA, MPE, IFO, VOB, WMV, AVI, ASF, WM, WMD
  • Microsoft Recorded TV: DVR-MS, WTV
  • Supported playlist formats: ASX, WAX, M3U, WPL, WVX, WMX, SEARCH-MS
  • Supported image formats: JPG, JPEG

Besides burning Windows Media Player audio discs, an eye-catcher by various really cool design skins and visualizations for demanding optical accompaniment of music in 3D, which are numerous available on the Web. In addition, it can be both in terms of formats, as well as functional, extend with plugins. So spice up audio fans, for example, the sound experience with the SRS Audio Essentials or the DFX Audio Enhancer to well.

manage different media with WMP

The Windows Media Player Download brings factory in passing a complete media management With. Here is the complete media collection is organized and clearly presented. Lack of information about audio and video downloads of a button from the Web, confusing file clusters are sorted into categories such as addition and divided about by artist, genre etc.. In addition, here users organize playlists of various set and provide media files for transfer to portable devices or for burning silver pieces together.

Windows Media Player Download Media Library

Also on libraries from iTunes uses Windows Media Player and does not play protected content from it. Licenses is acquired directly through WMP been extended by buying online collection of digital media content. Furthermore, are available through the Windows Media Player library recorded TV and accessing remote content via streaming.

Windows Media Player: Streaming own content

The Windows Media Player download also brings the ability to Transmitted locally stored content to remote computers With. A home server in the traditional sense, as known from various free DLNA server downloads, this is not, but still works fine once you have fought once through the activation process. Is not designed particularly fluffy in Microsoft style, this below is a brief overview. Is the Media Sharing set up, are accessed from remote machines simply by Windows Media Player -> Media Library -> Other media libraries on all contents of the remote data store. So impractical to set up and is so useful as this feature is then but ultimately designed and allows access via remote PC, Windows Phone and Xbox, for example. The setup of the media sharing was in WMP11 still possible without a Live ID. That was not much more practical, but has produced at least less data traffic and the installation of the Windows Live Essentials is unnecessary. This is with WMP12 namely both due. This means on the one hand, it is required Live and also a login for Windows that are not quite slender Live Essentials must be installed on the PC.

But one by one. First, streaming past the point -> Internet access to home media allow linking an online ID initiated. These WMP required then the Live Essentials, on via Control Panel or Start Menu -> Online ID link media are released from their own PC. If you have the Live Essentials just installed, a Windows restart is necessary to activate the associated service, it is not always mentioned. It sounds complicated – and it is. If you order but first by, stands on remote computers their entire media database ready after having linked here Windows Media Player with its own online ID. The PC in native climes must be for it of course turned on. Besides friends of digital music, movies and photos can also share in the home network media and remotely control the player on the host computer.

Good player with great features and small weaknesses

In summary, that the Windows Media Player download at the factory correct many formats and features has on board. The mini mode for reproducing dispense with the permanent display of redundant switch and the Medienbib that Skins offer a sophisticated design and the same applies to some of the many available visualizations. Pretty is also the possibility to integrate your own wallpapers and very slim player control via the taskbar icon. The establishment of the Media streaming, however, is already a small scandal, as disturbing is the lack of support for DVD playback on Windows 8. This Microsoft, however, was forced to avoid penalizing competition. By the way, friends of cultivated privacy have the opportunity to Disable data transfer of WMP to Microsoft. How this works is explained in the following clip.

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Microsoft releases new Windows Media Player 10

Microsoft’s audio and video player has been released in version 10th In addition to a new look there’s many new features such as a digital rights management and an expanded library.

Microsoft today unveiled the new Windows Media Player Download 10th Major new feature: The controls that is used the user to date in the left panel are moved upward. So that Microsoft wants to ensure a better overview. In addition, an annoyance of the previous versions of the past should belong – namely the rigid format of the player.

Long while expecting was the now integrated "Auto-Sync"Function, which allows the exchange with 70 other media formats. Then, expand the media library – they will now be able to play digital images and recorded TV shows in addition to music and video for the first time. Clear that the issue of legal downloads plays a role: About the service "MSN Music" Microsoft provides the user the future a selection of over 400,000 music titles.

With Windows Media DRM (Digital Rights Management) 10 the whole variety of online payment services to be integrated into the player. Trade with music and video from the Internet to be so relieved. The content provider can determine whether it releases its product only streamed for sale or whether the end user may transfer the Product to any other formats. For the whole concept of "Media Center PC"Into which the new player is integrated, leading PC manufacturers such as Dell, Gateway, HP, Sony and Toshiba will produce the corresponding terminal is expected. Microsoft wants the mobility of content via the so-called here "Portable Media Centers" – and so handy devices – guaranteed. "As of today, the dream of digital entertainment becomes a reality"Said Bill Gates, "people want to have a choice and be flexible in how and where they use digital media to keep them entertained",

As part of the presentation was also announced that from mid-December T-Online Vision in Germany about the new Windows Media Player would like to offer for download 10 Hollywood movies for the first time. It is intended for users of the "Portable Media Center" enter the movie downloads in optimized bandwidth. Next to the movie service "Video on Demand" T-Online is possibly also its music download service "Musicload" to offer.