Cooking show or maybe horror film? The selection of movies and series is huge, especially in satellite television. Without television and program guide can be easy to lose track, or worse, miss the best movies. The magazine TV Spielfilm has achieved in this area over the years a solid reputation. With the TV Movies app are the makers on the best way to spread this on Android smartphones.

TV Movie app remembers before start of program to favorite series

An Internet portal operates TV feature film has long been. A special feature of the app: It has an alert function for television broadcasts. So you no longer guarantees missed the next favorite show, because the watch list reminds the user before start of program and, if desired, again directly to the mission start it. Very practical is the direct access from the buttons "Now", "20:15" and "22:00" clock - for those who turn on at certain times of the boob tube. The well-known TV Editor's picks are in the usual way in the "movies", "series", "Entertainment", "Report" and "Sport" presented.

TV Movies app

Current Cinema Opening in TV App integrates

If you like to plan in advance: With a few clicks, the user has the television program of one week in advance on the display and can also filter this even for stations, days and times. Thus, you are practically an individual TV program receives according to their own taste. And who does not find in spite of all the right thing - and this is supposed to happen in spite of the variety of channels - can look in the TV movie app that's going on in the cinema. All Cinema Opening the current top movies and the theater preview including current trailers are integrated and up to date.

TV Spielfilm App Overview

share TV tips with other users

Last, but not least: In the age of Facebook, Twitter & Co. must not be neglected the social share factor. So you can check in with the app, for example, in TV shows, these liken and a friend on the social networks like Twitter, Facebook or via email. A new library also lists the most of the media libraries of TV channels. An outstanding feature is the social ranking: It shows at a glance the most popular programs of TV Spielfilm users.

TV Spielfilm App Program

The TV app for series junkies TV fans can not get around the TV Movie app. the application with user-friendly operation and sophisticated features in the free version convinced. And for a small fee, users can purchase the TV movie premium features, currently 0.89 euros / month and 7,99 euro / 12 months. Particularly useful are shopping list and reminder. But the social ranking is likely that you may never want to miss making the occasional attention to series or movies. If that's not enough: Here's even more programs from the category Internet TV for free download.