To Windows 7 afloat CD&# 45; burning or DVD image, you need a separate burning program. The operating system already includes one. But what to do if the board tool does not work?

The Windows 7 ISO Tool

By making changes to the system configuration, such as the installation of new programs, it may happen that the "Windows burner for disk images" stop working properly. Specifically: ISO files can no longer capture by right-clicking a shekel itself. No adventurous steps are necessary to solve the problem. We show you how it works …

Windows 7 burn ISO working again

  • Click any ISO file with the right mouse button, select Open with and Choose default program ....

  • If the entry "Windows burner for disk images" under "Recommended programs" or "other programs" is listed, select it, a check mark in front Always open the file type with the selected program and click OK. If the entry does not appear, please follow the steps below.

  • click on Search... and navigate to the folder ** C: \ Windows \ System32&# 42 *.

  • In this, select the file isoburn.exe confirm and with Open. (Tip: By entering the file name in the search field at the top right to go directly to the file). Open With ISO Burner Select isoburn.exe Make sure that the outstanding main window, select Always open the file type with the selected program is checked and accept with OK. These simple steps bring the integrated ISO burner running again.

Burn ISO and more with Freeware

For easy burning ISO files, the Windows tool is sufficient. But what if you want something more? To burn a DVD or a music CD? Then check out the following candidates once. They bring in addition to ISO support further burning functions with ..

  • Burns almost all types of discs and bootable media: CDBurnerXP

  • Video DVDs and personalized CD / DVD burning Albums: Deep Burner

  • Bluray and command-line specialist: Z-DataDVD