PDF Creator

With the PDFCreator download can be PDF files from any application on Windows create using the print function. The freeware creates next PDF documents as well as switchable PostScript and graphic files. Practical: The generated using a virtual printer driver PDFs and graphics can be sent directly by email if necessary.

PDFCreator Download: Works with all Windows programs

The free tool uses a simple and effective strategy to be compatible with most other Windows applications. Instead output formats only consuming to PDF, JPG, PostScript & convert Co., the program to save documents and graphics directly accesses from the app used on himself. In principle, the program pretends that it is a printer, thus ensuring maximum program compatibility.

PDFCreator downloadThe PDF Creator is a useful tool. (Image: Screenshot Philip Chinery)

Install the free PDF converter

Immediately after the PDFCreator Download the user can determine the installation process functions with which the program will be provided. The choices three installation options: Minimum, Complete, and Custom. At the minimum install only the PDF printer driver is installed on the system. The installation version additionally includes complete browser extensions for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, various help files and multi-language support. In addition, lands with PDF Architect an editor for PDF files on the computer. This allows you to rotate, move, delete and merge documents and can be extended with free registration to other functions.

Create PDFs in a few steps

Now it turns out after the installation of course the question of how the tool works and what I need to do to make it work. At this point, everyone is allowed to jump for joy: the users themselves namely to do nothing.First, the tool installs a so-called virtual printer in Windows. What may sound a little complicated, but actually quite simple. Once installed, the PDF creation program appears automatically as an additional virtual printer driver in the corresponding print menu item in any Windows application. If the user wants create a PDF, it follows the traditional "Select Printer" sequence within the application used. In the printer dialog menu can then select the PDFCreator than to use the printer driver. The result is convincing: The freeware converts all output formats, be it an image, a table or a text in PDF files - and all in perfect quality.

Print generated PDFs and send

The program offers more useful options that benefit the user mainly by the easy implementation. Thus, the Creator creates not only from almost any application out PDFs, the PDF generated can also be desired Send directly via email, print or view. If required, all three versions also work at the same time.Special treat: The virtual printer driver sends jobs not only in PDFs, but also in a wide variety of image formats:

  • PNG
  • JPG
  • TIFF
  • BMP
  • PCX
  • PS
  • EPS

PDFCreator Download SavePrint jobs in a wide variety of image formats convert (Image: Screenshot Philip Chinery)

Experienced users and administrators can launch scripts or programs automatically before or after the creation of the PDF document. In addition, the software can be run on demand as a shared printer on a server - so the entire network accesses the PDF printer.

Password protection and PDF Profiles

Under certain circumstances PDFs created are to be protected from unauthorized edits and considerations. The PDFCreator Download also for the right tool in the luggage. Thus, AES encryption possible via password. The user decides which access rights get other users.For extremely comfortable working also the feature of the profiles ensures. The user can create profiles for different recurring scenarios that can be called up with a click.

Important Note the developer: Before installing the PDFCreator any existent older version needs to be uninstalled.

Other exciting topics for PDFCreator:

  • convert to the PDFCreator files to PDF
  • merge several PDF with PDFCreator