Creo Elements / Direct Modeling PE

Creo Elements / Direct Modeling PE

Creo Elements / Direct Modeling PE combines the functions of classical CAD programs with tools for so-called direct modeling on the PC. Thanks to this operation, the free 3D CAD program easier as the development of machines on the monitor.

Creo Elements / Direct Modeling Download

Unlike other 3D & CAD software, are following a classic modeling approach that makes the Creo Elements / Direct Modeling Download dynamic modeling advantage. Of the Advantage of direct modeling lies in its independence from the history of the trees conventional parametric design way. Detailed changes affect therefore only affect the geometry in the respective area of ​​the processed product. This operation gives the designer the opportunity to respond flexibly to short-term updates of the plans. Thus, the entire design process more dynamic and adaptable, which is also reflected in time savings.

Creo Elements / Direct Modeling Download

Function range of the free version of Creo Elements / Direct Modeling

Comparing the free download of Creo Elements / Direct Modeling with the commercial version, shows a significant Thinning of the functional repertoire. But at least there is no time limit of use. Thus, the manufacturers align with the Personal Edition more like students, beginners or engineers who perform mainly productions of small series. However, the positive side the convenient integration of models from the Express version of the professional software. One of the main constraints that the 3D graphic only up to 60 per individual components construction processed. Thus structures too complex machines are more problematic. Nevertheless, the handling of all parts, surfaces, assemblies and wire models without any problems. In addition, the program offers flexibility and speed, it is, among other things Switching between 2D and 3D is extremely easy. Thanks to the dynamic modeling changes and new creations of models are displayed in real time. Small adjustments can also be implemented quickly and in advanced development process. This is provided by the CAD professional PTC functions such as direct Drag and Drop, Cut and paste as well as pulling and pushing. In addition, commands such as stretching, mirroring and scaling directly available. The tool also has a top-down and bottom-up approach.

Creo Elements / Direct Modeling Download Features

Data exchange with the 3D & CAD Freeware

Those who want to further develop existing structures already, thanks to impeccable import function to also capable. The CAD tool is compatible with all 3D geometry and provides an automatic editing modules. The Creo Elements / Direct Modeling Download allowed in the Express version Imports in STEP and 3D IGES format and Exports in VRML and STL format.

Limitations of Creo Elements / Direct Modeling PE

The freeware is limited to 60 parts and requires an Internet connection.