Instagram - originally intended to share snapshots, but now almost Artist platform and used for all kinds of Professional. Who wants to correct Fame, edited his photos before uploading. And the easiest way on your PC or Mac. After this Gramblr download can you edit your pictures with far more filters and effects as it is with Instagram even possible - and the results in the very next step Post about the program.

The Gramblr Download simplifies professional use Instagram

Actually, Instagram is a pure mobile tool. An implementation for the PC, even for the iPad, there is not. but not become numerous users who are called many followers by their own snapshots as famous in the social network, but put a lot of work into their images. This often requires editing on a PC, after the photos have to first be loaded on the smartphone. And that's awkward. Nevertheless, who likes to work on PC, Instagram for Android now can download safely with us for free.

Gramblr downloadWith the Gramblr Download images can be - files directly to the PC, edit them and publish from the tool out on Instagram - even professional cameras. (Images: Gramblr)

Gramblr includes exactly namely a gap: The free service allows you to edit photos and videos on Windows - which simply is much more precise than the PC on your phone screen with your finger.

Numerous filters and other effects can be added to photos - and to choose from more than Instagram itself.

Edited images directly upload

Then can still complement description and hashtags directly from the program. And now the kicker: Now, the photo or video can be uploaded to Instagram directly from the Windows PC or Mac. The uploads can even be scheduled. Say: preparatory work is possible, the Gramblr download then publishes all already prepared images at predefined times without the users themselves must explicitly take care of it again. This makes working with Instagram tremendously and keeps the followers happy.

Gramblr Download FilterLike Instagram itself Gramblr offers numerous filters and effects to edit.

The tool is also the user the opportunity to push his account - by buying Likes. Although this is honestly not the fine art, but perfectly legal and is managed by many famous Instagram users that way. A built-in Gramblr Download Rating Game but can also earn coins that can then be redeemed for Likes. For this simple images of other users must be geliked.

All that is needed is an Instagram account and a PC or Mac that meets the following requirements:

Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10

Mac: MacOS 10.6

Gramblr Download UploadQuick also provided with a description and hashtags and off goes the edited photo on Instagram.

A note at the end: In the past there were users who had problems with the first version of the software. Images were not uploaded correctly, not related hashtags. With Version 2, these problems should be solved but, and we noticed no error in the use.

Still looking for more free tools for editing images to edit his images before uploading with Gramblr, is certainly in our download database.