Video Download Helper 2023

Video Download Helper

At the Video Download Helper Download is it is a useful tool for Mozilla Firefox to transport multimedia web content quickly and easily on their own hard drives. He embeds itself as an extension to the popular Web browser.

Easy playback of multimedia files with the Video Download Helper Download

The Firefox addon invites videos, pictures and MP3s from websites to the PC. After the Video Download Helper downloading and installing the program icon with the three colored balls in the toolbar of the web browser immediately appear. The freeware automatically detects when surfing the Internet when there is a multi-media content for download. One click is enough in this case to load images and movies.

The user notices the fact that the icon begins to "dance" and flashing. He just needs to click the small icon with the colorful balls. This lists the user to be downloaded opportunities. Another click of the mouse button and the download starts. When loading video clips from YouTube it works even easier. Each video is immediately displayed as a download option:

Video Download Helper Download

Set a maximum number of concurrent downloads

There after the Video Download Helper download also the option of downloading the videos and pictures on the Toolbar. But one uses the setting tools and maneuvered manually through the menu: Many other settings are the Video Download Helper Firefox Addon available. Among other things, the maximum number of simultaneous downloads can be set. In addition, the folder can be selected, in which one’s Downloads land. Even in appearance, the user has a free hand. Thus, symbol and hit animations can be adapted specifically to their own desires.

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Video Download Helper Download Toolbox

Other features and design of the Video Software

The feature screen capture direct downloads the videos downloaded directly. YouTube, it is even possible to upload multiple videos at once without opening the corresponding web pages. Besides YouTube Video Download Helper Firefox supports other known Internet portals such as My Space, Google Video, MegaVideo or Dailymotion. In addition, the tool also understands with various relevant video sites that are released at least 18 years. In addition, the video clips can be converted after download.

A proper user interface does not exist for the addon because everything works on the small icon in the toolbar, but aesthetically pleasing, it is all. Also, this lack of a proper, custom menus simplifies the handling of the software. More free video software includes our well-stocked program catalog.