Calendar 2019 for printing 2023

Calendar 2019 for printing

Calendar 2019 for printing: These templates find the perfect year planners. Ideal for printing on A4!

The appropriate calendar 2019 to print: Plain or patterned

There are six packages with different templates of the provider for free download. The range extends from colorful motif calendars to simple Jahresplaner with holidays to quarter calendars that provide plenty of space for their own annual planning.

Package 1: Calendar 2019 with holidays in landscape mode

The year at a glance, this three calendar 2019 provide for printing. Optionally, the annual planner can be downloaded in soft yellow, in a black and white version or in bright colors. In all the templates calendar weeks on this day. All public holidays are found both in the calendar and are listed again below and named.

Calendar 2019 for printingThe six packages contain different calendar 2019 for printing. (Picture:

Package 2: Scene calendar 2019 to print

Perfect as a wall or desk calendar own, these three templates in soft green, blue and with maritime motifs and a yellow and bird joyful variant. All three calendars have at a glance a quick overview of the week days and holidays and calendar weeks of the year of 2019.

Calendar 2019 for printing motif CalendarMotive Calendar (Image:

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Package 3: 2019 year calendar in landscape mode

Perfect as a birthday or office calendar let the calendar year 2019 in Landscape enough space to write all the important events and never miss a deadline. A total of six templates includes the package.

Calendar 2019 printable calendar in landscape modeAnnual calendar 2019 in landscape (Image:

Package 4: Annual calendar 2019 portrait

The calendar in portrait format include five different PDF documents; three of which offer year-round at a glance. Furthermore package includes a half year planner and a quarter calendar. All designs are neutrally decorated and both perfect for the office and for private use.

Package 5: Half Year Calendar 2019

A little more space than the previous calendar 2019 printable offer the semi-annual variations. Here, the year is divided into two sides. These templates have listed the public holidays and are optimized for the Din A4 format.

Calendar 2019 for printing semi-annual calendar 2019Half Year Calendar 2019 (Picture:

Package 6: Quarterly calendar 2019

the quarterly calendar: perfect schedule, the final package is. Three assists offer the right calendar, and more than enough space for your own notes and personal-year plan for everyone. As always free to download and optimized for printing on A4