OG YouTube

By downloading the OG YouTube app Users can get an extension for the YouTube application on the Android smartphone. Thanks to the usual design that we know from the video portal, the user must not get used to - but gets many additional features. In addition to the downloader, the core of the app, there are, among others, a pause function for downloads as well as a so-called screen-off play-back function, which lets you play, switch off the display.

OG YouTube app

OG YouTube app loads video to mobile phones

YouTube is the largest video portal worldwide. For the desktop needs there are a number of downloader software that allows downloading of Youtube videos. Due to the increasing use of media on the smartphone, now first Downloader come in the form of apps on the market. One is the OG YouTube Android application. The app was developed by Osama Ghareeb and brings a modified application of the YouTube app on the smartphone.

The development team provides two versions: One version extends the original a few features, but does not replace them. The second variant takes the place of the original, which is why YouTube should be removed from the smartphone before. The download here offered the floor YouTube app is one of the first variant, so that the original can remain on the smartphone, without being overwritten.

OG YouTube brings Video Downloader & lucrative extras

After opening the app, the user has the feeling around in the YouTube app. Everything seems the same, except for a Klitzekleinigkeit: The download button. The Opportunity to draw videos on the smartphone, Thus is just a click away. the user wants to download a video, he has different settings by tapping the button. As can be determined, among other things, the quality of the video, which can be set between 140p and 1080p.

OG YouTube app options

In addition, the downloader to choose between various video formats allowed. The video downloads can are saved as 3GP, FLV or MP4. In addition, users can also extract the audio track and save them as MP3 format. Another plus point of the downloader app that several movies and clips can be downloaded simultaneously.

Practical special features of the video portal app

The downloader also brings a meaningful pause function. This is especially helpful if you started a download with WLAN, but then has to go fast and do not want to overburden its data volume.

OG YouTube app Background function

In addition to the many practical functions with respect to the downloader, OG YouTube has features that one with other free video sharing sites & Co. Downloads sorely lacking. These include the background & Screen-off Playback Functions. This enables the user to listen videos in the background or when the display is off. Who likes to hear about YouTube music will love this feature. It also ensures a lower battery consumption.