Illegible manuscripts include the OrBePRO download the past! With the free software can make neatly labels and labels for files and folders. Wherever is handled with larger volumes of documents and files, it is necessary that order reigns, as in the office but also at home in Studierzimmerchen. Ideally, you collect the files and documents - if they are in paper form and archived - in folders, file folders classic. For the layout of the folder back numerous software can be here for label printing download free. One of them is the folder labeling program shortly also simply called OrBePRO.

OrBePRO download

create clean labels with the OrBePRO Download

After OrBePRO Download the moments when you stand in front of shelves and had to puzzle over the content of the collected files of the past, whether it is because the handwritten inscription is too faded over the years, or because the label not include due care has been implemented and therefore can not be deciphered, not infrequently by the author himself. "OrBePRO - folder labeling program" The tool provides a remedy. The software ensures that every user can create visually appealing and above all readable designed folder labels. These can then be printed out the same. Without the support of the software it was always quite idle, the classic folder that is often already provided with a paper label on the back, to label good and sustainable. Often they were written with illegible handwriting. And not infrequently realized that the label ibn some cases not clearly describes the content. To make matters worse, if the folder is converted, the imprint no longer true. Professional and effective is to take the OrBePRO download.

Labeling program with templates

The software offers templates and settings options for designing individual signs. But the folder labeling program may need a little more. It also binds with company logos into the design labels. The logo can be imported into the usual bitmap formats. There will then be automatically inserted into the template. By default, the template contains three text placeholders, such as more information to document the relevant contents of the folder. Easy to use Useful Tools The program is easy to use, yet provides users creative freedom: Font Wait, font sizes and colors selected by the user for each placeholder itself firmly. If one is satisfied with the result, the sign can be easily printed. is printed on which Martial, the user determined. Thus, the term is on Slim paper, for example, best to stick the label on spine labels.

Limitations of OrBePRO - folder labeling program

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