Of the AlleStörungen download reports as Web App faults in the networks nationwide German network providers such as Telekom, Vodafone, O2 and cable Germany. The free Web app provides real-time analysis of the current network quality as well as contact points for reporting errors.

AlleStörungen Download with real-time analysis to date of reported disturbances

By his own testimony collected AlleStörungen status reports from a number of different sources. Visitors of the information portal have access to real-time analysis to date of reported disturbances in Internet, mobile, fixed and TV. Also, users have the chance to report on AlleStörungen own noise on the network or individual services. Fault messages are performed for each telecommunications company on its own page. A diagram additionally makes the incidence of disturbances in recent times visible.

AlleStörungen download

Useful reports of cyber disruptions and telephone outages

Practical: On a "fault map" you can see at a glance if major disruptions or maintenance are present in the network. Internet malfunctions, telephone failures or TV snow-ridden consumers can comment on AlleStörungen and interact with fellow sufferers. In addition, the information portal provides contact addresses of the respective network providers. Allestörungen provides useful clues to diagnose network problems in Internet, telephone, mobile phone and cable TV. The Web Services to get in an emergency quickly to the appropriate phone number or contact to system disturbances directly from Telekom & to report Co.