Of the DVD Video Archive Download attacks cineastes in managing their own video or DVD collection under the arms. The shareware provides for this purpose an interface to an editorial manicured movie database and a vendor's proprietary cloud on the Internet.

Movie collection clearly manage by DVD-Video Archive Download

About this database, the DVD-Video Archive accesses items to more than 50,000 movies and bring them directly to the computer. The search for the information in this case runs quite fast and comfortable. The typing title, director, an actor or EAN number is enough and there are numerous more detailed information about GFI, the year of publication and the period up to all actors and a table of contents. In addition, the shareware automatically detects original DVD in the drive and connects directly to the database.

DVD Video Archive Download

archive International title

Even friends of international original films come into their own. Cineastes find the British, French and US original title with all related information in online databases. Who wants to add its own data information, which provides the DVD Video Archive modules ready for text and image processing. The latter has tools to import cover images from the hard drive or scanner. In addition, the image editor takes care among other things, basic optimizations for brightness or contrast.

create categories and subcategories yourself

For increased clarity, the ability to create your own categories and subcategories and to sort movies in it makes. Every time it appears the number of films in each category and how many are still unseen. Also, the rolling of video films can be entered manually and managed.

DVD Video Archive Download Cloud

DVD Video Archive shows current blockbusters and trailers

A list of current releases can be accessed at any time, as well as a listing of current trailers that can view in high resolution, the film friend. At a round thing DVD Video Archive is an integrated player which brings for example, internal or external hard drives stored movies on the PC monitor or via an HDMI cable to the TV. The cloud, however, compares videos between PC and iPod, iPhone, iPad and Co., or multiple computers - up to date! Useful is also the possibility to change the audio during playback with the built-in player, if a movie has more than one track. catalog DVD and Blu-ray collection clearly The DVD Video Archive Download provides filmmakers with a versatile film and video management. Especially extensive DVD, Blu-ray or video collections can be organized clearly. Quick and easy to learn the cinema lovers, what action has a sought-after film who is responsible as a director and participate which actor.

Restrictions of DVD Video Archive

The shareware version can be run on 30 real-use day, not just at 30 calendar days.