Digital Ausbildungsbericht.Net engages students in writing the mandatory record sheets under the arms. The freeware is suitable for daily as well as weekly and brings evidence conveniently with its own spelling checker. As part of the initial program, a master data management records relevant information such as the name of the trainees, the chosen profession and the training company. The onset and end of the training takes on Digital Ausbildungsbericht.Net. If you have made these settings, you get to the actual record book. The attractive and clear interface of the Digital Ausbildungsbericht.Net appear among andrerem an administrator for text modules. This detects frequently occurring activities, saving possibly a lot of typing. Moreover, simply carrying a mouse click absences due to illness or a holiday. Digital Rounding Ausbildungsbericht.Net by an export module that stores the reports space-saving as a PDF on the hard drive as well as a built-in backup function to back up important data.