You wonder how your a Clear Netflix profile can? We'll tell you what you must do your to clean up the account. Read more here!

delete a Netflix profile is quite fix

Actually, it's quite handy that Netflix - can create up to four profiles - depending on the subscription model. So you can watch the account with the family or even if Netflix not like the looks, share with friends.

but sometimes someone rises but try. And then you want the profile might pass or simply no longer use. In order for this profile no longer appears in the Netflix app on the desktop in the account, you must remove it. This is but fortunately quite fixed.

Clear Netflix App ProfileYou can delete a profile from the app. (Picture: screenshots Editor)

delete profiles on the app

If you have been using Netflix with a smartphone or tablet, you proceed as follows:

  1. Opens the Netflix app and log you a.
  2. You can find an overview of all profiles - total are the up to five, because there is an additional Kids-profile.
  3. Top right you will find a pencil icon. Tap on this.
  4. Now you can select to delete the account.
  5. In the next screen you will find a small account overview. Below is the statement "Delete profile". Your typed it and reaffirms the pop-up, the profile disappears in Nirvana.

Tip: Should you already logged in you find yourself at app launch on your main profile again. Then you must first of all call the profiling grid by typing your top left of the menu icon (three horizontal lines), and next to your profile name, the symbol with the two right and left arrows pointing dials. Then you carry on with step 2.

Clear Netflix profile browserBut the browser does it (Image: Screenshot Editor).

Change settings: via the browser

Look your Netflix via the browser, is your front like this:

  1. Log on you a Here, too, you will find the profile survey now. Among the profiles, there is a button called Manage profiles. Click it to.
  2. now a pencil icon appears on each photo. The profile to be deleted clicks on your.
  3. In the profile settings You can now place next age restrictions & Co. below the button delete profile. Click it, and you are confirmed the profile going on.

Netflix delete profile Manage ProfilesEasy to overview manage the profiles and there click Delete. (Image: Screenshot Editor)

Again, if you are already logged in, you need only recall the profile survey. This makes your browser them by clicking the top right of your profile picture. There you will find all the profiles and the entry Manage profiles. Power then point 2 on.

But you can about the profile manage mask not only a Netflix Delete profile, but here you turn also creates new profiles - if you still have space in the account.