Who in WhatsApp set up public groups want will have after the download of WhatsApp for Android soon an interesting new feature in the popular messenger at hand: WhatsApp public group chats. We show what WhatsApp plans and how can the new WhatsApp group invitations via the link sent by the admins. More here!

Set up in WhatsApp public groups on and off again

The WhatsApp chats are open to the public with the new Groups feature. The administrator of a WhatsApp group can send invitations to other users via a link, both via WhatsApp itself as well as via e-mail. Clicking on the invitation, the user sees the name of the group, those of the admins and the number of members. In this way, invitees can get involved in the group discussions.

The Group Admin assigns the group chats a publicly callable address, for example https://chat.whatsapp.com/fussballfreunde as an appropriate discussion forum for a game. If the number of participants is rampant too much and the admin would rather work with than a closed society, the group again, he can always turn off the possibility of access via the link again.

set up public groupsSet up in WhatsApp public groups and disable it again.

Public WhatsApp group chats only after successful verification

A verification is required to participate in the public group chat. After clicking the group chat link, the user logs in on his WhatsApp account and can participate in the discussion at once. Apparently, it will also be possible without verification to retrieve information about the participants and the group Admin, but remain in this case, the chat messages even hidden.

For testing already public groups in the new WhatsApp Beta

So far, WhatsApp has not yet announced when the features already included in the new WhatsApp Beta version for all users are provided. It will be interesting how the new public WhatsApp group chats will arrive by the users. WhatsApp hurls himself on the way to a real social network. Especially with larger public groups the invitation via a link has certainly a great relief for the group admin who does not have to invite each potential member individually.

Public groups set up in WhatsApp as potential for security breaches

In addition, public WhatsApp groups can for example serve companies as a customer service forum. However, one should also not be overlooked that the new WhatsApp feature has great potential for vulnerabilities, as well as any unauthorized persons may abuse the link to access. Whether the group Admin after the verification has the opportunity to confirm the new participants active, is not yet known.