With the Dumpster app Deleted files can be recovered by mistake. The free recovery tool for android is next to photos or videos and music files or any other formats restores.

Unfortunately missing from the smartphone in the trash, from which can be inadvertently recover deleted data on a PC. Who happened to the mishap on the Android, looked far from old. The photo or video was gone. Forever. For all eternity. And beyond. However, Now there's fast and uncomplicated help.

Dumpster app: The Recycle Bin for smartphones

After downloading the free tools that virtually any format can be restored from the time of installation deleted files. These include not only images or audio files, but also formats like vids, pdf, zip, ppt, doc, rar and many others. A special highlight of the app is that even preview images are displayed. The teaser simplify the search tremendously after accidentally deleted photos. In general, the operation is very simple. For example, the smartphone must be neither rooted nor is an Internet connection in order to save its data.

Dumpster app

Useful additional functions of the Recovery Tools

In addition to the preview function, the Dumpster app has some useful features on board: So moved the items to recover not only in any folder, but also via various messenger or soical-Media-Apps are shared. Users can also plan when remaining in the "trash" files will be permanently deleted. The time can be freely selected and the cleaning is performed automatically. To protect the privacy of a lock screen is integrated, so it is avoided that nosy fellows scour the deleted files and unearth inconvenience.

Tool for Snapchat users

The tool has mainly due to its success in addition to the practical and reliable operation of the Social Media Channel Snapchat. With the Dumpster app to let namely until recently photos - retrieve - that are deleted from Snapchat after a few seconds. However, Snapchat has reworked here: Meanwhile, the app works only for video - after all. Those who want to also save the service, has to resort to alternative Snapchat client Caspar. While the app is not available on Goolge Play, but we offer Casper or Snapsave for free download. However, Caspar is questionable with regard to the conditions of use, which is why the use at your own risk. When using Dumpster, users must, however, make no worries.