If Easter is knocking on the door and hold anywhere cute bunnies, brightly painted eggs and Easter lambs collection, then why not on the computer? With free Easter Icons Download brings you the right mood on the PC by Windows enveloped in a festive Easter dress.

Easter Icons download releases the Bunny

No sooner is the fool time passed, the bunnies are already off again. While it out very quietly hide their eggs, they are in the supermarket abound in chocolate form on the shelves. Everywhere decorate motley eggs, ducks, lambs and bunnies in the wildest variations home and garden. So why not bring a little festive atmosphere with Bunny and Co. to work? Finally, for every occasion and for every taste a variety of free icons & Editors and corresponding icon software with which you can create icons also himself. Who is not looking for the eggs long, but always want to have in view, can be conjured with the Easter Icons download from the vile Windows workstation a colorful Easter paradise.

Easter Icons DownloadA selection of motifs of Easter icons download. (Picture: dryicons.com)

So the Easter icons are used on the PC

Thus the Easter feeling can develop on the PC completely, first the Easter icons have to be downloaded. Upon successful completion of the download decorating a virtual desktop you go about it. In no time all the icons from the home windows can turn into little bunnies and eggs. This is how it is:

  • The first step is selecting the icon or the file to get an atmospheric Easter dress.
  • This file then click with a right mouse click.
  • In the menu that appears now click Properties.
  • In the Customize tab there is the area of ​​Change Icon.
  • Here simply select the Easter icon - done.

Easter Icons Download Customize So the bunnies come on the computer. (Picture: dryicons.com)

Moreover, the funny "Eicon" for private use are free. Who the small Easter symbols but beyond, say want for commercial purposes, use, 12.55 US dollars for an advanced form 58.50 US dollars has them ready for the regular license.

Selection of 15 different icons & Editors for Easter

The package for the Easter Icons download comes with 15 different motives. You can choose from with and without sweet gift for a different brightly painted eggs and other bunny. Some of the cute little bunny stuck in it in an egg, others express caution symbols from the virtual world in his hand. So the rabbit with the red letter, for example, the e-mail client and the hare can be used with the download icon for the download folder.

Easter Icons Download motivesThese motifs can come Easter. (Picture: dryicons.com)

No matter which you choose symbols - the "Eicon" are all attractively decorated and the bunnies are cute with their large protruding teeth and long ears. All designs are available in five different sizes - from 512 x 512 px up to 32 x 32 px - to have. In addition, the Easter Bunny, come into the ICO format, which is used by Windows for icons on the PC. .ai is the format used by the graphics program Illustrator there.

Limitations of Easter Icons

The Easter icons are free only for use in private.