The password for their own e-mail account is one of the things that you enter once a mail program and then forgets quickly. If you have lost email password, good advice. Although some mail providers have a recovery function via mobile phone or security question on offer, but their establishment is voluntary - not all users have set up the password recovery. But do not panic. If you want to read the mail password is the Mail PassView Download the right partner - but only on your own PC. Passwords entered only through the web browser and is not stored, the free helper can not conjure.

read mail password Mail PassView

What sounds like a hacker-like operation of the highest quality, technically actually quite a simple matter. you are in the mail program when setting up the own mail account password, the client stores it in a database. Some programs have deposited a separate function for displaying the passwords, other widerum not. If not, you can still retrieve your password using the free Mail PassView the mail.

The Mail PassView download is conceivable slim and comes with no installation. just the program you start directly from the downloaded ZIP file and off you go. Immediately when you start Mail Pass View all mail is automatically read passwords and clearly listed. In addition to the passport are still some data contains more details to display here can right-click in the program -> Choose Columns particular. By default, the competent password hacker shows the following data:

  • Surname
  • mail program
  • mail address
  • server address
  • server port
  • Security / SSL
  • account type
  • User name
  • password
  • profile
  • Password strength
  • SMTP server
  • SMTP server port

Mail password to read the Mail PassView Download

By right-clicking one of the entries and selection of Properties_werden the data at the request again collected appear on an entry. So everything is even clearer and you can if desired take a screenshot. Alternatively stores Mail PassView Click on Selected Items _Save the selected entries to a text file. Per Copy Password lands the Mail password in the Windows clipboard, and with the View menu -> HTML report exported to any or all found records as a HTML file. Of options for storing one or all entries, it shall not fail in the little tool so truly.

Mail PassView - Supported mail programs

The free Mail PassView can Read Outlook Password, but understood also to numerous other mail clients:

  • Outlook Express
  • Microsoft Outlook 2000 (POP3, SMTP)
  • Microsoft Outlook 2002/2003/2007/2010/2013 (POP3, IMAP, HTTP, SMTP)
  • Windows mail
  • Windows Live Mail
  • IncrediMail
  • Eudora
  • Netscape 6.x / 7.x (Only without master password)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird (Only without master password)
  • Group Mail Free
  • Yahoo! Mail (If Yahoo! Messenger stored)
  • Hotmail / MSN mail (if in MSN / Windows / Live Messenger stored)
  • Gmail (If Gmail Notifier, Google Desktop, Google Talk stored)

Read Outlook password and more - small but fine, Download

The free password tool Mail PassView leaves little expected with its few kilobytes download size, also does not look like much, but it is useful to read huge password the mail. The handling could not be easier - everything goes automatically, and export functions are as practical as diverse. Bottom line: Recommended.