Banners while chatting nerves enormously. We show how to remove ads in just a few clicks Skype. out now and free of advertising Chat! Many users who use Skype, are not satisfied that constantly advertising materials are displayed, and would at Remove Skype Advertising. Personal data is used by Skype to send to the user-tailored advertising. If you wish to no longer receive this, it takes a few steps to turn it off, because a once given permission to use the data, can also be withdrawn.

Goal: Permanently remove Skype Advertising

Each user has allowed for downloading Skype the Messenger during installation to use personal information to display personal advertising. If you want to receive any more advertising, the withdrawal of such authorization is the first step. Remove Skype Advertising

What is needed to hide the advertising?

To successfully hide advertising on Skype, no additional download or a particular software. One needs only to his PC and Internet access. After running the software, you only have to log in.

Only a few steps to the ad-free Skype

As already described, is the first step if you want to remove Skype advertising, the withdrawal of one given permission to use personal data to display personalized advertising. This is done in a few steps:

  • Open Skype and sign
  • click on the menu bar at the top right the function Skype options
  • Clicking the field of privacy
  • Remove the hook before the point that allows Microsoft, expand personal advertising using the data sent to Skype
  • Click now only to confirm storeRemove Skype Advertising Privacy If you want to completely remove the advertising, you have to do the following:
  • Click Actions in the menu bar
  • Following select Options
  • Clicking the area hints and then open the subcategory Notifications
  • Save removing both hooks in front of the options and the change with OK.Remove Skype advertising Notifications In a second step, one can remove the advertising above the Skype window. Here, however, you have to delve a little deeper into the system. By blocking specific IP addresses in the hosts file of Windows the way of advertising media to Skype is blocked and therefore no more advertising appears.