Through a Football Manager 2015 Download the gambler gets a deep insight into the life and in the activities of a football manager or a coach. The game comes with football clubs from over 50 different countries on the PC and providing even more variety and game fun.

With a download of Football Manager 2015 Football Genius

With a download of Football Manager 2015 the player manager and coach at the same time. This gives him a good insight into their activities, even if he does so naturally their hands full. But that's what the easy-operated menu which guides the user almost easily and automatically through the steps. In addition, the media in this version of the simulator play a major role: Journalists create via radio, television and magazines with their reports rivalries between clubs and players that need to be propped as an additional problem of gamblers. But first things first:

The distribution of the football simulation in Germany

The Football Manager 2015 has been developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega. In German-speaking countries this simulation is, however, not sold, because Electronic Arts Sports of the DFL (German Football League) has secured the exclusive rights. For this reason, there is the Football Manager 2015 in Germany only as an export, which is why this game has not reached the level of awareness, which he enjoys in other countries of the world. Also, there are no official German language file, although the first three German leagues are well represented in the game. Therefore, it is worthwhile for every gamer nevertheless, the Football Manager download 2015 and to play with a language of his choice. However, this language, he should be good to dominate as the game is quite text-heavy.

Football Manager 2015 Download

The gameplay of exciting Football Manager 2015

The aim of the game is of course to occupy with his Chosen team place in the table. 1 For this, the gamer must devise a tactic for their virtual teams, complete various and league games, buy and sell players, train them and also hire new assistant coach. For this they have a specific start-up capital, which has to be used wisely. Furthermore, they determine the level of training and above all what is trained. All this make the players with a view to the upcoming games. It must be carefully weighed whether better health is on the agenda or tactical game. In addition, gamers determined, of course, who can play on the grass and who must remain seated on the bench. Also transfers the gamblers have as a manager and coach's decision-making power: the process, the transfer rules are based on a number of Real-world transfer clauses, such that the club can borrow a player the club, which he bought from him. It is also possible to identify a mixture of loan and transfer fee in the transfer contract. These rules make the game more dynamic and ensure that the gamer has to think twice about how he uses his given budget. What features offer other simulator games for free download, can be compared here.

Getting started with the Football Manager 2015

First, the gamer is back with his name, he is free to choose and to create his coach or manager account. Subsequently, he must choose his qualities and characteristics.

Football Manager 2015 Download trainer qualities

This includes specifying, among other things, on what position he played himself time and what coaching license he owns. All this allows the gamer choose freely and based on himself or on his favorite coach. Thereafter, the user then selects his favorite team and positions his players tactically. In the following video gamers see these first steps illustrated once again clear:

Featuring the great football simulation

With a download of Football Manager 2015, the user receives a first-class football simulation to the computer, which gives the gamer while still a lot of information about the individual clubs. Thus, the game player and club statistics prepared and oriented with its rules, even regarding the negotiations and transfer, to reality. New to the Football Manager 2015 is the Interface, which now also for left-handers is better to use. Otherwise, the menu navigation is intuitive visible and more difficult only by a missing, German language file. The layout and design are nicely chosen and support the simple menu navigation.

Games possibilities of Football Manager 2015

There are basically three different ways to play, namely football manager mode, the classic football manager mode and Challenge mode. In the latter case it comes to face already prepared challenges. Is also beautiful in the football simulation that the game state saved and can be provided with a password. This allows the gamer does not run the risk that someone else just keep playing without his knowledge. The manager game for sports enthusiasts With a download of Football Manager 2015 is a first-class football world simulation in which the user must provide his trainer and manager skills. The clubs want to record all geared to reality as well as their players. Only the logos of different clubs from Germany do not match with reality, the names and however all players already. Thus, the maximum game fun is guaranteed.