Media Hint for Firefox forwards the IP address to other countries, so that this country locked content can be displayed yet. The add-on operates in the background, without the user having to still be active themselves.

The Media Hint Firefox for total access to the Internet

The installation of this Firefox extension's easy and it binds like wildfire in the Firefox browser, which is also for free download here with one. From there on The tool now operates in the background and the user can also be deactivated when though. With the present download is a 7-Day Trial the add-on. After that, the user must register with the manufacturer and pay about 4 dollars for the use of the tool.

What Media Hint Firefox so special

Does this sound familiar: It makes you want to watch his favorite videos, series or movies, but the contents appear here in Germany blocked. The same happens with many pages that come from the United States of America, as with, and the like. Thus, the user can finally also access this content carefree, he should add-on Media Hint Firefox to install. for this bypasses all barriers and not only on certain pages. Thus, this extension is different from other add-ons and extensions for Mozilla Firefox, which can be downloaded for free here.

How The add-on actually works

The add-on installed almost invisibly in the browser and can be seen as a small icon to the right of the address bar. When it is enabled, Media Hint acts for Firefox in the background and forwards the IP address of the browser to one in another country on. Thus, the contents of any website can then be called. This happens, without the user would have to be still active itself. The only thing he still has influence, is the activation or even disabling the tool with a simple click on the small icon. For this reason, Mozilla Firefox extension is so easy to use and can by any user, whether computer professional or a beginner to be controlled. This video tutorial by the manufacturer shows once again the use of add-ons:

An add-on especially for Movies- and series fans With Media Hint Firefox user bypasses really annoying every lock that opens up from time to time while surfing the Internet. Thus, he has Access to all content actually, which provides a larger surf fun. For this reason, this add-on is also a good companion for any feature film or music fan, since particularly the sides are locked with moving images. But with Media Hint for Firefox these sides are preparing soon be no more problems.