"? Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all" This question can confidently with: "Everyone who InstaBeauty app be used answers ". The Selfie Editor brings next 50 Makeup Looks over 100 filters to your smartphone. From beauty makeup on face lift including Big Eyes and pimples Distance to photo collages, stickers and video optimization, anything goes, you could wish for beauty heart.

InstaBeauty app for the more beautiful I

A nasty pimple right in the face? The nose too wide? The eyes too small? The makeup is missing? No problem - for each of these blemishes, the Selfie Editor InstaBeauty the right solution. The app is more than just a vanity box, because it is both Photoshop and selfie camera. So a real Ferrari among the mobile editors who can bring the beauty of a tickle out and wonders. The best part: Most filters and features are implemented via click - thus an eternally long tinkering is completely eliminated. For users who can not live without selfies and share with their friends on social networking sites - a must!

InstaBeauty appInstaBeauty app - the all-rounder among Selfie editors

The miracle tool: InstaBeauty - Selfie Camera

The Beautification app, available for iOS and Android, moreover, comes with five core functions on the smartphone:

  • beauty makeup
  • Beauty Camera
  • Beauty collage
  • Beauty video
  • QuickSnap

Make-up for each Style

The InstaBeauty app has recently installed the make-up feature that comes with 50 different styles around the corner. From the change in eyebrow shape, over bright red lips tempting to blush and smoky eyes, anything is possible. So the Selfie gets the right style for every occasion!

Filters for beautification

With the Selfie Camera app, you can now shoot radiant selfies and share on Facebook, no matter how deep the dark circles are. Different filters conjure away blemishes, scars or wrinkles and bring the complexion momentum. In addition, parts of the face, with which one is not so happy, modify leave. Even the nose smaller, his face narrower, the eyes look bigger and her mouth full of a lot - and that only a few clicks. In addition, you can save yourself by enabling real-time filtering, the subsequent correct!

InstaBeauty app CollageInstaBeauty brings over 200 designs for funky collages

Collagen, Quicksnaps Files

The user can also give his selfies a great frame. The editor has to put more than 200 designs in luggage to create funny collages or great lighting effects, etc. on the subject. Even simple image editing tools like crop and rotate are.

In addition, the InstaBeauty has - Selfie Camera app a Quicksnap function and keeps processing capabilities for video ready.