ISOBuddy brings the Images of DVDs and CDs from proprietary image files in the common and popular ISO format. The freeware dominates the fast and reliable relations with nearly all the major alternative formats such as Nero's NRG, CDI DiscJugglers, the BIN format from CDRWin and the image versions of some other well-known manufacturers.

ISOBuddy Download for converting images into ISO format

After this ISOBuddy download and the installation can start. The user clicks first on the Open button and selects a folder where one or more image files are included that he would like to convert. This course must have one of the supported image formats, so that the ISO converter can perform its job properly. ISOBuddy comes with the following input formats cope. As the output format in each ISO is used.

  • GI (Global Image Files)
  • ISO (ISO files)
  • NRG (Nero)
  • CDI (DiscJuggler)
  • MDF (Alcohol 12%)
  • IMG (CloneCD)
  • B5I (Blindwrite Old)
  • B6I (Blindwrite New)
  • DMG (Apple Disc Images)
  • PDI (Pinnacle Instant CD / DVD)
  • BIN (CDRWin)
  • CCD (Clone CD)

ISOBuddy download

burn ISO images to DVD or CD

To start the conversion process in the ISO format, the user selects then by clicking on Save as the desired output directory and sets the file name to be wearing the converted image file. With another click on the Start button, the user then initiates the conversion. On request ISOBuddy burn the ISO images to DVD or CD. This is done either as a meeting in multisession format or as single-session.

ISOBuddy Download Burn

ISOBuddy as a useful aid in exotic image formats

Often are stored as images CDs and DVDs in multiple formats rather exotic ago, which complicates the handling. The ISOBuddy Download proves in such cases as a useful aid, including without converting them relatively unknown image files into the more commonly used ISO format the job. For multi-session discs, the user can select individual sessions for the proposed conversion. Various details to this image file will be presented in an info window. convert CD and DVD images as ISOs and burn ISOBuddy convert CD and DVD images of different formats into ISO files and thus making alternative image files available in standard ISO format. The freeware burn it to wish on DVD and CD discs. Who has trouble burning alternative image files, which the ISO converter does certainly some useful services.